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Table of Contents 1. Poultry Meat Processing and Product Technology: Introduction Production Consumption Trends in Poultry Meat Marketing Export Markets References 2. Basic Anatomy and Muscle Biology: Introduction Structure of Meat-Producing Poultry Muscle Tissue Muscle Proteins Muscle Contraction Fiber Type Epithelial Tissue Nervous Tissue Connective Tissue Postmortem Changes References3. Catching and Hauling Live Birds: Introduction Catching Hauling References4. Primary Processing of Poultry: Introduction Receiving and Weighing Stunning Bleeding Scalding Feather Removal Oil Gland and Feet Removal Rehanging Evisceration Inspection Giblet HarvestLung, Head, and Crop Removal Inside/Outside Bird Wash Chilling Weighing, Grading and Packing Optional Treatments Electrical Stimulation References5. Stunning of Poultry: Introduction Electrical Stunning Gas Stunning Mechanical Stunning No Stunning Studying the Effect of Stunning on Electroencephalogram (EEG) Neck Cutting and Bleeding References6. Inspection, Grading, Cut Up and Composition: Introduction Inspection Grading and Classification Classification Cut Up and Yield Composition References7. Preservation by Chilling, Heating, and Other Means: Introduction Preservation by Low Temperature (Chilling, Freezing) Thawing Preservation by High Temperature Drying Preservation by Chemicals Radiation Modified Atmosphere and Vacuum Packaging References8. Meat Processing Equipment: Introduction Size Reduction MixingInjectionTenderization and MacerationTumbling and MassagingStuffing and LinkingFormingBattering and BreadingCookingSmokingSlicing and DicingPackagingMetal DetectionReferences9. Poultry Products Formulations and Gelation: Introduction Processed Poultry Products Non-Meat Ingredients RecipesProtein GelationComminuted Meat Batters (Meat Emulsions) References10. Battering and Breading: Introduction Pre-Dusting Battering Breading Developing a Batter and Breading System Frying Freezing Troubleshooting References11. Microbiology and Sanitation: Introduction Types of Microorganisms and Growth Factors Affecting Microbial Growth Assessing the Number of Microorganisms Potential Contamination Sources during Poultry Processing Significant Microorganisms in Poultry Meat Sanitation in Poultry Processing Plants Sampling and Microbiological Criteria References12. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP): Introduction The Seven HACCP Principles HACCP ModelsPoultry Slaughter ModelCooked Product ModelBattered and Breaded Chicken FilletsReferences13. Meat Color and Flavor: Introduction Light and Color Meat Color Factors Affecting Skin and Meat Color Color Defects Flavor of Poultry Meat References14. Measuring Sensory and Functional Properties: Introduction Sensory Evaluation Texture Water-Holding Capacity (WHC) Fat-Holding Capacity References15. By-Products and Waste: Introduction Feathers Offal and Bone The Pet Food IndustryRendering Wastewater Treatment ReferencesIndex