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Poultry Products Processing: An Industry Guide


ISBN10: 1587160609
ISBN13: 9781587160608

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 560
Publish date: September 2001

Most up-to-date, practical guide to all aspects of commercial poultry further processing Focuses on commercially produced products including recipes, descriptions of ingredients, and detailed processing procedures Includes processing equipment, principles of equipment operation, and equipment trends Latest information on inspection, grading and HACCP programs used in industry Details food microorganisms of concern to the poultry industry, with prevention methods for each processing step Includes byproducts and waste treatment Poultry Products Processing: An Industry Guide covers all major aspects of the modern poultry further processing industry. The author provides a comprehensive guide to the many steps involved in converting poultry muscle (chicken, turkey, duck, ratite, etc.) into meat and highlights the critical points required to assure high quality and safe product manufacturing. The book opens with an overview of the poultry industry and then discusses poultry anatomy and muscle biology as they relate to meat quality and potential problems associated with further processing. Several chapters are devoted to meat product formulations (including numerous recipes), processing equipment, and principles of equipment operation. A separate chapter is devoted to the growing field of battering and breading poultry products, such as chicken nuggets, with many illustrations of equipment operation, discussions of the various breading employed, and trouble shooting. Another section focuses on food safety, microbiology, sanitation methods, and HACCP, including models for primary and further processing. Material on meat color, color defects, flavor, and sensory analysis is also included to help the reader understand factors affecting the challenges and problems the industry faces when marketing poultry products.