New thermoform machines for better hygiene and process security (en)

donderdag 15 november 2007

As of the turn of the year, Multivac is introducing a new generation of thermoform machines, with an extensive package of innovations. For example, a completely new basic design which simplifies and accelerates the cleaning process – not only for the visible component groups, but also for the internal machinery. Numerous constructive developments and new functions enable a further increase of machine performance, ergonomics and economy. The first model of the new line, the high performance R 535, will be available as of the new year, and the successive models in the following months.

Hygiene in most critical areas
The revised basic design streamlines and accelerates the cleaning process considerably.

Internally self-cleaning machine
This concept is supported by a new "Clean in Place" technology, a completely new concept for thermoform packaging machines offered for the first time exclusively by Multivac.

Economy and reliability
While hygiene is certainly one aspect, the new machine generation also sets new standards with regard to performance and economy. "In respect to the tool sizes and number of packages per minute, these machines currently represent the optimum in the market," says Tim Slomp, leader of the Multivac Thermoform business unit, "with cut-off lengths of 1,300 mm and 250 vacuum or MAP packages per minute."

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