Natuurlijk zoetmiddel uit een bijproduct van citrusvruchtenverwerking

maandag 2 april 2007

Pigmented orange pulp wash (PW), a byproduct of citrus processing, was already studied to obtain anthocyanins and hydroxycinnamates using adsorption resins. The residue of such process was further investigated to obtain a purified sugar concentrate applying a series of resin adsorptions and membrane techniques. The final product and the intermediates were characterized by chemical and microbiological analyses.
The final product (28 Brix) contained about 250 g/l of sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose), 9 g/l of citric acid and 1 g/l of pectins. The concentrate, obtained from a residue that otherwise must be disposed, was a transparent liquid of slight amber color with a very low microbial count and could easily find application as a natural sweetener in food and beverage industries.

LWT - Food Science and Technology
Volume 40, Issue 4, Pages 713-721
"Highly purified sugar concentrate from a residue of citrus pigments recovery process"
Authors: M. Scordino, A. Di Mauro, A. Passerini, E. Maccarone

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