Hogesnelheid blow molding machine die 61.2000 waterflessen produceert per uur

maandag 18 juni 2007

SBO 34 Highspeed packs high productivity per square meter
The new SBO 34 Highspeed has set a record of 61,200 bottles per hour, with operating costs down 30%. Behind that record is the dual objective of offering extremely high speeds to satisfy the small package market and reducing production costs by improving productivity.

Trends favor on-the-go consumption
The liquid food market is experiencing strong growth in on-the-go consumption. Small capacity PET bottles are particularly popular with consumers for water, CSDs, and even beer, with metal cans continuing to lose ground. Plastic bottles are recloseable, making partial consumption possible. Clear bottles make it easy to see how much liquid is left. The hygienic design keeps the bottle neck free of dirt. Sidel’s goal is clear: adapt to a changing market that demands a quick response. The SBO 34 Highspeed was born to meet that need for the very high-speed production of small bottles ranging from 0.2 to 0.7 liters.

At 61,200 bph, the SBO 34 Highspeed sets new speed records

Unrivaled performance
The SBO 34 Highspeed is designed to produce small containers up to 24 oz in size. It features the proven technology of the SBO Universal™ range, sharing many of the equipment’s elements for greater parts standardization. Equipped with 28 heating modules and 34 blowing stations, the equipment reaches record output rates and productivity levels without sacrificing production reliability.
Operating costs are down 30 percent for production levels equivalent to that of two SBO 20 Series2 machines. In addition to cost improvements for spare parts and electrical consumption, air consumption has also been reduced thanks to a 40 mm cylinder and an optional exhaust air recycling system. Quick production changeover times, less than 50 minutes for two operators, and reduced maintenance times limit machine shutdowns and increase line productivity. That’s important in a market where marketing trends favor shape diversification. Finally, the compact design of the SBO 34 Highspeed, based on the frame of an SBO 20 Universal blow molding machine, helps reduce the cost of logistics, installation, and start of production.

Bottle shapes adapted to high speeds
Additional developments make it possible to get the most out of the machine’s capabilities: lighter bottles, blowing more complex shapes, and molds designed for very high speeds.
For example, Sidel developed a 12 oz CSD bottle weighing 16.5 grams produced at 1,800 bpm and blown at 25 bars while guaranteeing a shelf life of 20 weeks using the Actis barrier solution. For the beer market, Sidel developed a 330 ml bottle weighing 23 g. The bottle was pasteurizable and blown at 1,800 bpm at 30 bars max for a 6-month shelf life following Actis treatment.

Instant success
Last September, initial results of the first SBO 34 Highspeed blow molding machine producing water bottles at 61,200 bottles per hour in the United States were compelling. Now, a second machine has been blowing bottles of water in eastern France since early January.
The results have made an impression. By late January, no less than thirteen SBO 34 Highspeed machines were already on the order books to be delivered during 2006 to produce water and sodas in Europe and North America. It’s a clear demonstration of the success of this latest generation of blow molding machines.

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