ECO2 Plastics recycles PET into food-grade material (en)

maandag 7 januari 2008

PET plastic flakes are a commodity product, processed and delivered to industry for use in hundreds of applications. Our product is virtually identical to traditionally recycled plastic, but produced in a more efficient and earth-friendly way.

Quality Assurance.
Our recycled plastic is of the highest quality. It is odor-free and contaminant-free to 100 parts per million. Every 1,000 pounds is tested for intrinsic viscosity, melt flow, density, moisture content and PVC content. You’re guaranteed a perfect product.

Supply Chain Stability.
Our process enables us to provide high-quality plastic flake at the lowest cost of production. In a commodity business, we are positioned as a company with staying power.

The Right Choice.
Your chemists won't find any difference between our flake and those from other companies, but your customers will — they want to buy green. With ECO2, you can give them an earth-friendly product at no extra cost to you.

We’re constantly refining our process to produce better and better

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