De Wellness-trend biedt kansen voor emulgators (en)

maandag 20 augustus 2007

The food emulsifiers market in Europe is witnessing a steady growth due to the increased health awareness among consumers and the growing demand for healthy ingredients. Moreover, extensive R&D activities on a global level have led to an enormous increase in the functional diversity of emulsifiers.

“The wellness trend among consumers coupled with the improved functionality of emulsifiers is the main factor propelling the European emulsifiers market forward,” notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Chandrasekhar S. ”The burgeoning health awareness has stimulated consumer interest towards low-fat products and this has augmented the consumption of emulsifiers, which are being increasingly used in fat replacers.”

The growth in the European food emulsifiers market is also driven by the expansion of food production, especially in the processed foods sector. Greater the extent of processing in foods, more is the quantity of emulsifiers used in them. The functional properties of emulsifiers have made them an indispensable component of various food applications such as premium breads, low-fat spreads, chilled dairy products and chocolates.

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