BioxoTM: schalen van afbreekbaar polystyreen foam

donderdag 22 maart 2007

Cascades (CAS-TSX) launches BioxoTM, the first product line of containers made from totally oxo-degradable polystyrene foam. Manufactured by Cascades, BioxoTM containers are specifically designed to degrade within three years, unlike traditional polystyrene foam containers which require several hundred years to degrade. BioxoTM containers will take up considerably less space in landfill sites.

"We are extremely proud to introduce this major innovation in response to wishes expressed so often by consumers and the agri-food industry," stated Mario Plourde, President and COO of Cascades Specialty Products Group (SPG). "BioxoTM is the culmination of extensive research, a lengthy development process and exhaustive testing to confirm the product’s performance."

Every year, Cascades produces several hundred million food containers, making it one of the leaders in the industry. Cascades soon hopes to announce the conclusion of BioxoTM sales to important firms operating in the agri-food and restaurant industries.

How does BioxoTM work?

BioxoTM is the result of the addition of TDPA© (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives), developed by the Canadian firm EPI, of Vancouver. Mixed with the base resin, the TDPA© additive gives the polystyrene foam special degradation properties without compromising the performance of the packaging products. After use, when the product is discarded in a landfill site, it begins to undergo oxidative degradation much faster than traditional plastic products. Oxygen, together with heat, UV radiation or mechanical stress transforms the polystyrene foam with its TDPA© additive into a fine powder, which bacteria and other micro-organisms can digest.

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