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Index page for: Advanced Technologies For Meat Processing

Table of Contents Bioengineering of Farm Animals: Meat Quality and Safety, Morse B. Solomon, Janet S. Eastridge, and Ernest W. ParoczayGene Technology for Meat Quality, John L. WilliamsAutomation for the Modern Slaughterhouse, Graham Purnell and Mark LoeffenHot-Boning of Meat: A New Perspective, Declan J. TroyNew Spectroscopic Techniques for Online Monitoring of Meat Quality, Kjell Ivar Hildrum, Jens Petter Wold, Vegard H. Segtnan, Jean-Pierre Renou, and Eri DufourReal-Time PCR for the Detection of Pathogens in Meat, Petra Wolffs and Peter R?dstr?mMeat Decontamination by Irradiation, D. U. Ahn, E. J. Lee, and A. MendoncaApplication of High Hydrostatic Pressure to Meat and Meat Processing, Atsushi Suzuki, Ken Kim, Hiroyuki Tanji, Tadayuki Nishiumi,and Yoshihide IkeuchiHydrodynamic Pressure Processing to Improve Meat Quality and Safety, Morse B. Solomon, Martha N. Liu, Jitu R. Patel, Brian C. Bowker,and Manan SharmaFunctional Properties of Bioactive Peptides Derived From Meat Proteins, Keizo AriharaNew Approaches for the Development of Functional Meat Products, Francisco Jim?nez-Colmenero, Milagro Reig, and Fidel Toldr?Processing of Nitrite-Free Cured Meats, Ronald B. Pegg and Fereidoon ShahidiBiochemical Proteolysis Basis for Improved Processingof Dry-Cured Meats, Fidel Toldr?Vacuum Salting Treatment for the Accelerated Processing of Dry-Cured Ham, Jose M. Barat, Raul Grau, Pedro Fito, and Amparo ChiraltThe Use of Bacteriocins Against Meat-Borne Pathogens, Teresa Aymerich, Margarita Garriga, Anna Jofr?, Bel?n Mart?n,and Josep M. MonfortLatest Developments in Meat Bacterial Starter, Talon R?gine and Leroy SabineModified Atmosphere Packaging, Joseph G. Sebranek and Terry A. HouserPerspectives for the Active Packaging of Meat Products, V?ronique ComaIndex