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Advanced Technologies For Meat Processing


ISBN10: 1574445871
ISBN13: 9781574445879

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $159.95
Pages: 483
Publish date: maart 2006

Details information on advanced processing technology such as gene technology for production Explains advanced control technology for rapid online control systems that use spectroscopic and real time PCR Describes efficient, state-of-the-art packaging technologies Provides research on the most recent developments in the functional properties of meat and meat products Presents numerous tables and figures that illustrate pertinent processing concepts In recent years the meat industry has incorporated important technological advances that, to this point, have not been addressed in a single source. Comprehensive and authoritative, Advanced Technologies for Meat Processing presents the latest developments concerning the quality, analysis, and processing of meat and meat products. Featuring contributions from a panel of international experts, the book details technologies used in the meat processing chain. It describes important processing methodologies such as gene technology, automation, irradiation, hot boning, high pressure, vacuum-salting, enzymes, starters, and bacteriocins. The book begins by exploring various production systems that include the use of modern biotechnology, automation in slaughterhouses, and rapid non-destructive on-line detection systems. It proceeds to describe different new technologies such as decontamination, high pressure processing, and fat reduction. The book then examines functional meat compounds such as peptides and antioxidants and the processing of nitrate-free products and dry-cured meat products. It also discusses bacteriocins that fight against meat-borne pathogens and the latest developments in bacterial starters for improved flavor in fermented meats. It concludes with a discussion of recent packaging systems of the final products.