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Index page for: Nutritional Anemias

Table of Contents Introduction: Nutritional Anemia Worldwide: A Historical Overview. Barbara Underwood Prevalence and Causes of Nutritional Anemias. Lindsay Allen and Jennifer Casterline-SabelAssessment of Nutritional Anemias. Sean Lynch and Ralph GreenFunctional Consequences of Nutritional Anemia during Pregnancy and Early Childhood. Usha RamakrishnanFunctional Significance of Nutritional Anemia in Infancy and Early Childhood: Child Development and Behavior. Betsy Lozoff and Theodore D. WachsFunctional Consequences of Nutritional Anemia in School Age Children. Santosh Jain Passi and Sheila C. Vir Functional Consequences of Nutritional Anemia in Adults. John L. BeardSupplementation. Eva-Charlotte EkstromFortification. Tom?s Walter, Manuel Olivares, Fernando Pizarro, and Eva HertrampfFood Based Strategies. Marie Ruel and Carol E. LevinPrevention and Control of Helminth Infections Andrew Hall, Lesley Drake and Don BundyConclusions. Usha Ramakrishnan and Mahshid Lotfi