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Nutritional Anemias


ISBN10: 849385695
ISBN13: 9780849385698

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $119.95
Pages: 280
Publish date: november 2000

Includes a detailed description of ongoing programmatic efforts worldwide toward the prevention and control of nutritional anemia Contains relevant and current research findings on etiology and consequences Reveals the problems of compliance with iron supplementation during pregnancy Anemias resulting from nutritional factors constitute the largest nutrition health problem affecting populations in both developed and developing nations. Nutritional Anemias examines these anemias in detail and offers a balanced approach that includes current research findings on the etiology and consequences of this important problem. This authoritative contribution discusses intervention strategies, namely fortification, food-based strategies, and control of helminth infection in the prevention of nutritional anemia. It also examines supplementation: the problems of compliance with iron during pregnancy, benefits of weekly vs. daily use, and multinutrients. With a critical review and analysis of successes and failures, Nutritional Anemias includes lessons learned from past and ongoing programs as well as current controversies. This new reference is a timely and valuable resource.