donderdag 4 maart 2010 - zondag 7 maart 2010


FOOD PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES Exhibition for Food Processing Technologies

"Natural Meeting Platform"

The Food Processing Technologies 2010 Fair, which will be held in 4-7 March 2010 will be a meeting point for food processing equipment suppliers, food production companies representatives and senior managers.

Turkey has a food production market of 20 billion USD and thus, is a natural meeting point for the people in the food sector. With all the participants and visitors from all around the world the fair will provide many opportunities to understand the latest trends in a big market.

FOOD INGREDIENTS Exhibition for Food Ingredients

"If your demand is higher standards…"

As the Turkish economy grew, Turkey has become an important import market for European and North American food additives.

Due to the increasing demand for more quality additives and different flavors, the Food Ingredients Fair has become an ideal presentation point for those who wish to enter this profitable market

The producers who want to learn more about the quality additives/ingredients which are the prerequisites of quality food production will meet at the Food Ingredients Fair where they can increase their market shares and discover new aromas.

FOOD PACKAGING Exhibition for Food Packaging Systems

"Extraordinary Growth"

Fodd Packaging have vital importance for the food sector. No matter what quality your product is, without advanced food packaging systems you will not be able to maintain your quality. In recent years, with the awareness about this began to occur, the packaging sector have gained great importance and the demand of such products has increased rapidly. The import of food packaging machinery has been growing with 12% in recent years.

Food packaging, the only specialised fair in Turkey about food packaging, will provide an environment for fruitful cooperations about packaging, transportation, storing and distribution by gathering sector professionals from all around the world.

BAKERY TECHNOLOGIES Exhibition for Bakery and Confectionary Technologies

Bakery technologies, the International Bakery Technologies Fair, has just merged with FOTEG ISTANBUL, the Food Technologies International Expertise Fair further to the big demand from the sector.

The Bakery technologies Fair will be a platform where the bakery production sector will meet the newest products and services and international business contacts can be made. Bakery technologies Fair enhancing the sector is expected to host many professionals from all around the world, especially from the neighboring countries.

FOOD SAFETY & HYGIENE Food Safety & Hygiene Exhibition

As we are all aware, health issues come top of everyone’s list. One of the most important of threats to our health is the safety and hygiene of our food products. More than ever, the food industry is being made aware of their responsibility to the consumer by using safer and more hygienic production methods and by making sure the product remains so, right through the distribution chain, all the way to the end-user. Furthermore, there are legal obligations for the producer, both at national level and in EU integration legislation, to document the ingredients, the product and production procedures; this is particularly true for exporters as they are obliged to maintain food safety and hygiene levels to EU and international standards. In order to meet these standards and legislation procedures the industry is having to invest in R&D facilities and product control labs with the technology and techniques, instruments and equipment to enable them to produce the required documentation.

Venue: Istanbul Expo Center, Hall 1 - 2, Cobancesme Kavsagi P.K.40 34149, Yesilkoy – Istanbul, Turkey

Organizer: HKF Trade Fairs

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