Neues hochgenaues, platzsparendes Durchflussmessgeraet misst Gase in dicht gedrängten Installationen

Freitag 6 Juli 2007

Ideal For Hydrogen, Natural Gas, & All Other Gases

Engineers and technicians seeking a highlyaccurate, reliable mass flow measurement solution for hydrogen, natural gas, and other gases in small line processes and for skid-mounted equipment assemblies will find the new ST75V™ Air/Gas Flow Meter from Fluid Components International delivers breakthrough performance in a space-saving design that simplifies installation and reduces costs.

The ST75V combines highly reliable, no-moving parts thermal mass flow sensing technology with built-in precision Vortab® flow conditioning to achieve +1% rdg, +0.5% fs accuracy, in line sizes from 0.25 to 2.0 inches (6 to 51 mm). It sets a new industry price-performance standard for mass flow measurement accuracy at an economical installed cost--with low maintenance and low lifecycle costs as well.

In many applications, either space limitations or other devices, such as valves or elbows, make it impossible to install a flow meter with the required upstream/downstream straight-pipe run. This results in swirl and flow profile disturbances that invalidate the flow meter’s accuracy. The ST75V solves this problem with built-in flow conditioning that eliminates media disturbances while reducing the needed pipe straight-run by up to 70%.

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