Neue Kultur hält Listeria unterm Daumen

Freitag 14 September 2007

Listeria is a constant concern in the meat and prepared foods industry. At FIE 2007, global ingredients supplier Chr. Hansen will hand over a new weapon in the battle against the feared food bug to producers of Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food products. The new culture – B-LC-48 – is a member of the SafeProTM family which already counts several listeria-fighting cultures.

“Bio-protection is receiving more and more attention from food producers and rightly so. A brand in which you have invested time, money and effort is a brand worth protecting. This is further underlined by the fact that global companies with a global food distribution chain have a higher risk profile in terms of food bugs such as listeria,” explains Eva Stenby, Marketing Manager, Chr. Hansen.

At the same time the prevailing trends in consumer behavior are pointing towards ‘additive free’ and ‘salt or additive reductions’ – or, for meat products, that these are prepared without synthetic preservatives. Consequently, food producers are constantly looking for new ways to improve food safety while living up to legislation as well as consumer demands, which means that the needs for alternative and improved tools and new processing methods are on the rise.

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