Innovative Easylift™ Easy-Open Ends Set New Standard For Convenience (en)

Dienstag 13 November 2007

Crown Holdings announces the launch of its patented Easylift™ easy-open ends, a revolutionary new standard in convenience packaging. Crown is currently working with Nestlé Purina Petcare Europe to trial the new ends on its 400g packages of cat and dog food in The Netherlands. Once tests are completed, Nestlé Purina intends to introduce this new standard across all of its major European brands.

Easylift™ easy-open ends significantly improve tab access, while retaining all the opening performance of Crown's flagship Eole™ technology. The end's improved tab access makes it easier and faster for consumers, including seniors, children and the physically impaired, to open canned food products without using a can opener or other tools.

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