H2O Entlüftung-Systeme für Getränkeverpacken

Donnerstag 19 April 2007

Beverage Packaging - Paths to Process Improvement
The presence of dissolved oxygen in the feed water for beverage packaging lines is increasingly becoming a concern in the industry. The carbonated soft drink (CSD), high gravity beer brewing, and fruit juice packaging industries have each recognized the importance of lowering dissolved oxygen (DO) levels and achieving consistent CO2 injection in order to decrease foaming, gain faster and more consistent fill rates, prolong shelf life, and produce a quality product.

GasTran Beverage Deaeration Systems
GasTran Systems' compact, low maintenance, and energy-efficient deaerator makes it the right choice for most beverage packaging applications. Inline dissolved oxygen detection with an integrated PLC panel allows unprecedented operational control and monitoring of dissolved O2 levels and line performance. Air removal takes place either with a stripping gas such as nitrogen, or an accompanying vacuum pump to evacuate the gases.

GasTran Beverage Deaeration System Features
  • Reduces DO to less than 300 parts per billion (ppb) at 48F using vacuum
  • Reduces DO to less than 2 parts per billion using nitrogen (N2)
  • Floor space requirements of less than 16 sq ft
  • Highly scalable operation with a turn-down ratio of 95%
  • Low operating pressure requirements
  • Reaches steady state performance in seconds
  • Food grade seals
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Sanitary design

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