FUCHS: Launch of packaging and extended product range (en)

Donnerstag 6 Oktober 2011

Following last year’s FUCHS Group purchase of the CASSIDA and FM food grade lubricants range, we are pleased to announce the next phase of development for this global portfolio.

A significant financial investment has been made in a brand new food grade lubricants manufacturing plant at the FUCHS Lubritech GmbH Kaiserslautern facility. Production of the full CASSIDA and FM lubricant range has started.

The plant utilises all the very latest manufacturing technology and machinery and will be ISO 9001 and ISO 21469 certified providing full lubricant audit compliance right back to the manufacture of the product, thus ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

The various accreditations for the CASSIDA and FM range of products (NSF registration, ISO 21469, Halal and Kosher) will remain in place.

The commissioning of the new plant at Kaiserslautern also coincides with the extension of the CASSIDA and FM product ranges. Additional products will include new aerosols, oils and greases. More information on the latest additions to the CASSIDA and FM range will be included in the next CASSIDA Newsletter.

To coincide with the new production facility, an exciting new brand identity has been developed including new packaging for all CASSIDA and FM products produced at the Kaiserslautern facility.

The new packaging will be based on the FUCHS corporate colours, and customers can be assured that the products inside will be to exactly the same formulation as previously supplied. The switch to new packaging will coincide with the following:
  • Bulk packaging sizes for the grease and oils will remain as at present but with the edition of a handy new 10 litre size for the oils and Reiner type screw in cartridges for the greases.
  • To assist with application identification, colour coding of aerosol and grease cartridges will be introduced.
To ensure continuity of supply during the switch of production to Kaiserslautern, the new packaging will be phased in gradually and therefore some customers may find that, for a short period of time, they have one product on site in two different packages.

  • New manufacturing plant now operational
  • Plant is fully certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 21469
  • All products will be NSF registered
  • No change to formulations of existing products
  • CASSIDA and FM range to be extended with new aerosols, oils and greases
  • New FUCHS packaging phased in from September 2011
  • Handy new 10 litre packs for oils
  • New screw in cartridges for greases
  • Colour coding of aerosols and grease cartridges to be introduced

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