Automated system reduces portioning cost via machine vision, waterjet cutting (en)

Mittwoch 26 Dezember 2007

The DSI™ Accura™ Portioning System from FMC FoodTech trims and portions red meats to achieve specific fat coverage, shape, weight or size specifications for today’s ever-changing market trends. From strict fat-controlled servings for health-conscious consumers to carefully controlled shapes for airline meals, the Accura system makes it possible to create special cuts of meat at a low cost and on a large scale. The portioning system allows meat processors to maximize the use of raw product, have the flexibility to produce the latest meat products and reduce overall costs.

The Accura system combines the industry’s best-in-class machine vision and vertical waterjet cutting solutions with productivity enhancing options like horizontal slicer control, infeed loading aids, computer-optimized belt speed and an integrated sorting and statistical process control system. With the ability to portion products to any custom shape at belt speeds as high as 80 feet per minute, the Accura system improves versatility, accuracy and ease of use. See a video demonstrating how the Accura system works by clicking here.

“Fat can be trimmed to a positional accuracy of about ± 1/16 inch (1.6 mm),” says Jon Hocker, business development manager for FMC FoodTech. “Plus, the Accura system can cut virtually any shape with its proven and durable two-axis cutters. A user can sketch a shape, scan it and start portioning in minutes. “

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