World Rice Commerce (en)

Dienstag 30 Oktober 2007

World Rice Commerce 2007 takes delegates to idyllic Bali for the 6th edition of an event that started in 1995 in the form of Asia International Rice Conference. With the rice trade at heart, WRC 2007 is full of issues as the global rice business braces with several issues including:
  • Rising prices and growing demand
  • Production challenges and the issue of water (2 tns water = 1 tne rice)
  • Historic lows in stocks
  • Continued unpredictability in freight
  • Growing rice trade offering both opportunity and massive risk
WRC 2007 will tackle issues, as well as business consequences to build a vision for what the trade can expect in the future. It is the leading rice industry event offering delegates not only intelligence that will arm you with vision and the tools for a strategy that is forward looking, but an event that also offers the industry a contact point for the most valuable information from exchange and networking.

The Westin Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

IBC Asia

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