Libya Agrofood 2014 (en)

Sonntag 2 März 2014 - Mittwoch 5 März 2014

The objectives of the exhibition:
1- Introducing all data with the modern food and agriculture sector.
2- Working to meet with interested local manufacturers and their counterparts from around the world in one place and one pool in a specialized environment and to build professional relationships to serve all parties, each according to his specialty.
3 - Exchange of professional expertise and practices between the participants and beneficiaries and consumers and so contribute to building working relationships between all of them.
4 - Provide opportunities for marketing of food and agriculture services and products for exhibitors in the local market inside and outside Libya and the establishment of working relationships between the producer and the consumer.
5 - To enable all sectors and local institutions to be found on the latest technologies in all fields of food and agriculture.
6 - To promote for the exhibitors through their participation and attendance at local investors, food and agriculture professionals and other interested members of the various sectors, whether public or private.
7 - The opportunity for investors in the food and agriculture sector, for large projects, medium and small investments to start or enter into a partnership between vendors and between the investors and that by inviting the relevant authorities to support and fund these projects.

Venue: Benghazi - Libya

Organiser: El Dawlia for exhibitions and conferences

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