easyFairs® SOLIDS 2009 (en)

Mittwoch 25 November 2009 - Donnerstag 26 November 2009

If you want to:

• Improve efficiency
• Drive down costs
• Boost productivity
• Find new solutions
• Discover the latest innovations
• Source new suppliers
• Make purchasing decisions

…. then you should visit easyFairs SOLIDS and discover the latest trends and developments in:

• Handling and processing
• Measurement and control equipment
• Mixing and dosing equipment
• Conveyor and transport systems
• Storage and packaging
• Safety and environment

The program includes following products and solutions:
  • Milling and reduction: breakers, milling machines, cryogenic mills, rolling mills, chopping machines
  • Conveyor systems: conveyor belts + parts, scrapers, screw conveyors, vibrators, pneumatic and vacuum conveying, chain conveyors, elevators, vibration and drum motors
  • Separating, screening, filtering: screens, fine screens, screening machines, magnetic separators, cyclones, centrifuges, filters, blowers
  • Weighing: weighing cells, scales, continuous weighers, reject sorting scales
  • Mixing and dosing: gravimetric and volumetric dosing, agitators, dispersion apparatus, agglomerators
  • Storage and packaging: filling machines, bag fillers, bag emptiers, silos, funnels, loading bellows, tanks, big bags, lifting and tilting equipment, containers, IBCs and FIBCs
  • Measurement and control equipment, sampling: humidity, level, temperature, grain size, particle counters, dustmeters, sampling equipment, analysis equipment
  • Safety and environment: bursting discs, explosion shutters, fire and explosion prevention, metal detectors, dust extraction, machine protection systems
  • Services: expertise, on-site testing, laboratory testing, advice, equipment construction, trade magazines
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