easyFairs PACKAGING INNOVATIONS Barcelona (en)

Mittwoch 14 April 2010 - Donnerstag 15 April 2010

This is packaging's "ideas show" and is strongly focused on what is new, creative and innovative in packaging.

Visitors include all of the key players in the packaging process:

  • The “visionaries” – marketers and product strategists whose job it is to make their products stand out.
  • The “budget holders” – MDs, CMOs, brand guardians and owners who take major investment decisions.
  • The “experts” – packaging designers and materials engineers who turn bright ideas into reality.
  • The “technicians” – packaging technologists, engineers, operations and project managers who buy, operate and maintain the equipment in the manufacturing process.

Their principal challenge is this: supermarkets have tens of thousands of products on their shelves, yet consumers buy only a few dozen on a regular basis, despite huge advertising spend.

Visitors will therefore come to easyFairs PACKAGING INNOVATIONS Barcelona looking to invest in ideas and solutions that will help their products fly off the shelf!

CCIB-Recinto del Fórum, Rambla Prim, 1-17, 08019 Barcelona, Spain


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