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Table of Contents ISOLATION, PRODUCTION, AND CONCENTRATION OF FUNCTIONAL LIPIDS Functional Lipids within the Global Functional Food and Nutraceutical Sector, Kelley C. Fitzpatrick and N.A. Michael EskinMicrobial Production of ?-Linolenic Acid, Colin RatledgeGamma-Linolenic Acid: Purification and Functionality, Udaya N. Wanasundara, P.K. Janitha, and P.D. WanasundaraPurification of Free Fatty Acids via Urea Inclusion Compounds, Douglas G. HayesSolvent Extraction to Obtain Edible Oil Products, Phillip J. Wakelyn and Peter J. WanLIPIDS FOR FOOD FUNCTIONALITY Physical Properties of Fats and Oils, Amanda J. Wright and Alejandro G. MarangoniBeyond Hard Spheres: The Functional Role of Lipids in Food Emulsions, John CouplandMedium-Chain Triglycerides, Jenifer Heydinger Galante and Richard T. TenoreFrying Lipids, S?rgio D. Segall and William E. ArtzTrans Fatty Acids and Trans-free Lipids, Oi-Ming Lai and Seong- Koon LoClinical Benefits of a Structured Lipid (Betapol) in Infant Formula, Marianne O'Shea, Jeanet Gerritsen, and Inge Mohede Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Butter Equivalents and Cocoa Butter Substitutes, Vijai K.S. ShuklaLIPIDS WITH HEALTH AND NUTRITIONAL FUNCTIONALITY Marine Lipids and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, R.G. AckmanNutraceuticals, Aging, and Food Oxidation, JaeHwan Lee and David B. MinDietary Lipids: Metabolism and Physiological Functions, A. ChristopheCLA in Human Nutrition and Health - Human Studies, Yong Li and Bruce A. WatkinsFortified Foods - A Way to Correct Low Intakes of EPA and DHA, Reto MuggliPhytosterols and Human Health, Vivienne V. Yankah Clinical Studies with Structured Triacylglycerols, Trine PorsgaardROLE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY AND MARKET POTENTIAL FOR FUNCTIONAL LIPIDS Enzymatic Modification of Lipids for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, Yuji ShimadaApplication of Structured Lipids in Emulsions, Hannah T. Osborn- Barnes and Casimir C. AkohPotential Market for Functional Lipids, Suk Hoo YoonStructured Lipids Production, Jeung-Hee Lee and Ki-Teak LeeINDEX