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Index page for: Food Shelf Life Stability: Chemical, Biochemical, and Microbiological Changes

Table of Contents Physical FactorsWater Activity and Plasticization, Dr. Yrj? H. RoosMechanical and Temperature Effects, Dr. L. G. Tabil and Dr. S. Sokhansanj Irradiation, Dr. G. Blank and Dr. R. Cummings Packaging, Dr. M. A. Tung, I.A. Briggs, and S. Yada Chemical FactorsControlled and Modified Atmosphere, Dr. G. Mazza and Dr. D. S. JayasAntioxidants, Dr. N.A.M. Eskin and Dr. R. PrzybylskiEmulsifiers and Stabilizers, Dr. N. Garti Sulfer Dioxide, Dr. B. T. Wedzicha Biochemical FactorsOxidoreductases, Dr. D.S. RobinsonBiotechnology, Dr. A. G. Alpuche-Solis and Dr. O. Parades-Lopez