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Index page for: Genomics and Proteomics in Nutrition

Table of Contents MOUSE MODELS OF HUMAN DISEASES AND GENE TRANSCRIPTIONGenetic Modifiers in Rodent Models of Obesity, Y. Wang, P.M. Nishina and J. NaggertQuantitative TrAit Loci in obesity and TYPE II Diabetes in Rodents, J.H. KimThe Human Sweet Tooth and its Relationship to Obesity, A.H. McDaniel and D.R. ReedThe Adipose Renin-Angiotensin System: Genetics, Regulation, and Physiologic Function, B.H. Voy, S. Kim, S. Urs, M. Derfus, Y.-R. Heo, R. Joshi, F. Massiera, M. Teboul, G. Aihaud, A. Quignard-Boulang?, and N. Moustaid-MoussaRegulation of Fat Synthesis and Adipogenesis, K.-H. Kim, M.J. Griffin, J.A. Villena, and H.S. SulTranscriptional Regulation of Energy Metabolism in Liver, M.T. Nakamura, GENOMICS: LARGE SCALE ANALYSIS OF GENE EXPRESSION BY MICROARRAYDesign and Analysis of Microarray Studies for Obesity Research, M.-Pierre St. Onge, G.P. Page, M. DeLuca, K. Zhang, K. Kim, S.B. Heymsfield, and D. AllsionSolving Clinical Problems in Nutrition Research with Microarrays, S. SmithGenomic Approaches to Understanding Vitamin D Action, J. FleetGene Expression Profiling in Adipose Tissue, N. Moustaid-MoussaPhytochemicals and Gene Expression, O. Mezei and N. ShayGene Expression Profiling of Immune Cells: Application for Understanding Aging of Immune Cells, S.N. Han and S. MeydaniImproving the Nutritional Value of Cereal Grains Using a Genomic Approach, L. Shi and T. ZhuPROTEOMICS: LARGE SCALE ANALYSIS OF PROTEIN EXPRESSION AND REGULATIONProteomics and Genomics in Health & Disease, J.A. Carroll and C.E. Mathews2D-Gel Proteomics Studies on Leukocytes, I.C. Gerling and M.J. PabstProteomics: Tools for Nutrition Research in the Post-Genomic Era, A. GriderProteomic Analysis of the Adipocyte Secretome, IbarrolaMass Spectrometry Strategies for Proteomic Studies, M. Belghazi and H. RogniauxBioinformatics Tools, S.M Lin, K.F. Johnson, and S.W. KullmanStatistical Principles for Analysis of Array Experiments, A.M. Saxton and E.B. MoserIndex