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Index page for: Lactic Acid Bacteria: Microbiological and Functional Aspects, Third Edition

Table of Contents Lactic Acid Bacteria: Classification and Physiology, Lars AxelssonBifidobacteria and Probiotic Action, Jean Ballongue An Update on Probiotic Bifidobacteria, Ross Crittenden The Probiotic Potential of Propionibacteria, Arthur C. Ouwehand Industrial Use and Production of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Annika M?yr?- M?kinen and Marc BigretThe Genus Enterococcus: Biotechnological and Safety Issues, Charles M. A. P. Franz and Wilhelm H. HolzapfelGenetics of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Lorenzo Morelli, Finn K. Vogensen, and Atte von Wright Bacteriophage and Antiphage Mechanisms of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Jytte Josephsen and Horst Neve Mathematical Modeling of Intestinal Bacteria-Host Interactions, Yuan-Kun LeeMethods for Analyzing Gut Microbiota, Miguel Gueimonde and Seppo Salminen Antimicrobial Components from Lactic Acid Bacteria, Arthur C. Ouwehand and Satu Vesterlund Lactic Acid Bacteria as a Tool for Enhancing Food Safety by Removal of Dietary Toxins, Hani El-Nezami, Hannu Mykk?nen, Carolyn Haskard, Seppo Salminen, and Eeva Salminen Prebiotics and Lactic Acid Bacteria , Thea Scantlebury Manning, Robert Rastall, and Glenn GibsonLactic Acid Bacteria in Vegetable Fermentations, Maarit M?kiLactic Acid Bacteria in Cereal-Based Products, Hannu Salovaara Human Lactic Acid Microflora and Its Role in the Welfare of the Host, Marika Mikelsaar, Reet M?ndar, Epp Sepp, and Heidi Annuk Lactic Acid Bacteria and Intestinal Drug and Cholesterol Metabolism, Alice H. Lichtenstein and Barry R. Goldin Human Studies on Probiotics: What Is Scientifically Proven Today? Seppo Salminen, S. Gorbach, Yuan-Kun Lee, and Y. Benno Safety of Novel Probiotic Bacteria , Diana C. Donohue Lactic Acid Bacteria as Animal Probiotics, Juha Nousiainen, P?ivi Javanainen, Jouko Set?l?, and Atte von WrightLactic Acid Bacteria in Fish and Fish Farming, Einar Ring?Future Directions of Research and Product Development of Lactic, Acid Bacteria, Seppo Salminen, Arthur C. Ouwehand, Atte von Wright, and Charles DalyIndex