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Index page for: Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and the Brain

Table of Contents Mechanisms of Action of Caffeine on the Nervous System, John W. Daly and Bertil B. FredholmEffects of Caffeine on Sleep and Wakefulness: An Update, Jan Snel, Zo? Tieges, and Monicque M. LoristArousal and Behavior: Biopsychological Effects of Caffeine, Barry D. Smith, Amanda Osborne, Mark Mann, Heather Jones, and Thom WhiteCoffee, Caffeine and Cognitive Performance, Jan Snel, Monicque M. Lorist, and Zo? TiegesEffects of Coffee and Caffeine on Mood and Mood Disorders, Miquel Casas, Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, Gemma Prat, and Adil QureshiAge-related Changes in the Effects of Coffee on Memory and Cognitive Performance, Martin P.J. van Boxtel, and Jeroen A.J. SchmittNeurodevelopmental Consequences of Coffee/Caffeine Exposure, Tetsuo NakamotoCaffeine Effects on the Human Stress Axis, Mustafa al'Absi and William R. LovalloDependence Upon Coffee and Caffeine: An Update, Astrid NehligCaffeine and Parkinson's Disease, Michael A. Schwarzschild and Alberto AscherioCaffeine in Ischemia and Seizures: Paradoxical Effects of Long-term Exposure, Astrid Nehlig, Bertil B. FredholmCaffeine and Headache: Relationship with the Effects of Caffeine on Cerebral Blood Flow, Astrid NehligEffects of Non-caffeine Constituents in Roasted Coffee on the Brain, Tomas de Paulis and Peter R. MartinCan Tea Consumption Protect Against Stroke?, Astrid NehligThe Biology and Psychology of Chocolate Craving, David BentonIs There a Relationship between Chocolate Consumption and Headache?, Lidia Savi