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Index page for: Stored-Grain Ecosystems

Table of Contents The Stored-Grain Ecosystem, Expert System Concept, Grain Storage in the Tropics, Economics of Grain Storage, Insects, Mites, and Insecticides In Stored-Grain Ecosystems, Computer Modelling of the Population Dynamics of Stored-Product Pests, The Mycology of Stored Grain - An Ecological Perspective, Mycotoxins and Mycotoxigenic Fungi in Storage, Rodents and Birds as Invaders of Stored-Grain Ecosystems, Quality and Nutritional Changes In Stored Grain, Physical Methods for Insect Control in Stored-Grain Ecosystems, Engineering Properties of Grain and Oilseeds, Structural Loads In Grain Storages, Mathematical Modelling of Heat, Moisture, and Gas Transfer in Stored-Grain Ecosystems, Forced Air Distribution for In-bin Drying and Aeration, Heated-Air Grain Drying, Technology Transfer in Management of Stored-Grain Pests, Ecological Aspects of Feed Mill Operation, Insect Pest Management in Stored-Rice Ecosystems, Future Systems for Grain Storage and Transportation.