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Index page for: Food Product Design: A Computer-Aided Statistical Approach

Table of Contents Preface Introduction Problems of Food Product Design Classical One-Factor Experimental Method General Remarks about Statistical Methods Software: A Step toward Simplicity A Brief Historical PerspectiveProblems of Food Product Design System Identification and Definition Black-Box Modeling and Input-Output Consideration Production Process Problem Recipe Problem Difference of Modeling for Process and RecipeFood Process Modeling and OptimizationBasic Concepts of Food Process Design Identification of Modeling System Selection of Suitable Models Design of Statistical Experimental Plans Realization of experimental Designs Model Building Effect Analysis of Process Variables Prediction and Optimization Exploration and Confirmation Transfer of Optimum Results and Evolutionary Operation A Complete Practical Example Food Recipe Modeling And Optimization Introduction Target Definition and Food Ingredient Screening Design of Mixture Experimental Plan Realization of Mixture Experimental Designs Model Building Validity of Established Models Analysis of Components Effect Recipe Optimization and Prediction Modeling and Optimization for Both Food Recipe and ProcessIntroduction Principle of Combined Designs Model Building Analysis of Variable Effects Food Quality Optimization and Prediction Practical Example Expert System for Food Product Development Introduction Structure of Expert Systems Theory of Fuzzy Logic Principle of Neural Network Building of an Expert System Bibliography Appendix Index