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Table of Contents The Market for Metal PackagingThe Global Packaging MarketThe Metal Packaging MarketThe Composition of the Metal Packaging MarketSome Major MarketsOther Market SegmentsFactors Driving Change in PackagingReferencesMaterials used in CanmakingIntroductionMaterials Involved in the Construction of Metal PackagingReferencesBasic Canmaking Processes and Their ApplicationsIntroductionCan Manufacture: Primary ProcessesCan Manufacture: Secondary ProcessesSpecific Product ApplicationsReferencesPackaging for Heat-Processed Foods: The Fundamentals of Can DesignIntroductionCost ReductionCan Design: The Basic PrinciplesSanitary or Classic EndsAlternatives to the Food CanWhich Can?ReferencesDesign and Development of Easy-Open EndsIntroductionMarket DevelopmentFunctional and Technical Requirements of Easy-Open EndsDesign of Easy-Open EndsManufacture of Easy-Open EndsSafety Issues Surrounding the Use of Easy-Open EndsQuality and Product DevelopmentIrregular EndsAlternative Easy-Open Features on CansPrinting of EndsReferencesPackaging for Carbonated BeveragesIntroductionCost Reduction and Developments in Beverage PackagingOther Developments in Beverage PackagingDecoration and AppearanceReferencesMetal Decoration and Can ShapingIntroductionTypical Decoration ProcessesStandard Printing ProcessesPrinting of Metal PackagingUltraviolet-Curable SystemsReproduction of Colour on MetalLimitations of Traditional Printing ProcessesState-of-the-Art Operations for Printing on Sheet MetalSpecial Applications and Printing MethodsDirect Print or Labels?New Printing MethodsShaped Containers and Can ShapingSpecial EffectsEnvironmental and Toxicological IssuesGlossary of TermsReferencesMetal ProtectionIntroductionGeneral Rules Governing Corrosion in Metal CansSpecific Corrosion ProblemsCan Washing and PretreatmentInternal Protective Coatings for Metal PackagingMethods of Application of Protective CoatingsReferencesEnvironmental and Food Contact IssuesEnvironmental IssuesMaterials Conservation: RecyclingFood ContactCalculations of VOC Emissions and EC LegislationReferencesAppendix: Measuring Can SizeAbbreviationsIndex