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Index page for: Functional Foods: Biochemical and Processing Aspects, Volume 1

Table of Contents Functional Oat Products, P. J. Wood and M. U. BeerIntroduction o Nature of Oat Products o Nature and Analysis of Oat ?-Glucan o Physiological Effect of Oat ?-Glucan in Humans o ConclusionsPhysiologically Functional Wheat Bran, E. Chao, C. Simmons, and R. BlackIntroduction o Structure and Composition of Wheat Kernels o Milling o Breakfast Cereal Processing o Health Benefits from Wheat Bran Fiber o Health Benefits of Other Wheat Components o Dietary Recommendations and Wheat Bran ConsumptionFunctional Products from Rice, K. A. Moldenhauer, E.T. Champagne, D. R. McCaskill, and H. GurayaComposition of Rice Kernels o Rice Bran o Rice Bran Oil o Rice StarchFlaxseed Products for Disease Prevention, B. D. Oomah and G. Mazza Introduction o Biologically Active Components o Processing and Products o Health Benefits o ConclusionsFunctional Grape and Citrus Products, B. Girard and G. MazzaGrapes: Introduction o Processing of Grape Products o Physiological Properties o Conclusions Citrus Fruits: Introduction o Components and Their Effects on Health o Processing of Citrus Products o ConclusionsFunctional Vegetables Products, P. Delaquis and G. MazzaThe Cruciferae: Introduction o Biologically Active Components of Crucifers o Health Benefits o Products from Crucifers Onions and Garlic: Introduction o Biologically Active Components of Alliums o Health Benefits o Allium-Based Products Vegetables Rich in Nondigestible Oligosaccharides: Introduction o Health Benefits o Oligosaccharides-Rich Products o Other Vegetables o Conclusions and Future ProspectsProcessing and Properties of Mustard Products and Components, W. Cui and N. A. M. EskinIntroduction o Mustard Processing and Products o Mustard Components: Nature, Chemistry and Properties o Physiological Properties of Mustard Components o ConclusionsDesigner Vegetable Oils, B. E. McDonald and K. FitzpatrickIntroduction o Modified or Property-Enhanced Fats and Oils o Specialty Vegetable Oils-Health Aspects o Specialty Processed and Formulated Fats o Engineered Lipids-Modification of Triacylglyceride Structure o SummaryFunctional Products of Plants Indigenous to Latin America: Amaranth, Quinoa, Common Beans and Botanicals, S. H. Guzman-Maldonado and O. Paredes-LopezIntroduction o Pseudocereals-Amaranth and Quinoa o Common Beans o Selected Fruits and Vegetables Indigenous to Latin America o Herbs and BotanicalsPhysiological Components and Health Effects of Ginseng, Echinacea and Sea Buckthorn, T. S. C. Li and L. C. H. WangGinseng: Cultivation o Physiologically Active Components o Effects of Sources, Parts of Plant, Environmental Factors and Extraction Methods on the Content of Active Ingredients o Value-Added Processed Products o Medicinal Values and Mechanisms of Action Echinacea: Cultivation o Harvest and Value-Added Products o Chemical Composition o Medicinal Values Sea Buckthorn: Cultivation o Harvesting o Chemical Components o Medicinal Values o Value-Added Products o ConclusionsFunctional Milk and Dairy Products, P. Jelen and S. LutzIntroduction o Technological Processes to Maximize Physiological Functionality of Dairy Products o Fermented Dairy Products, Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Symbiotics o Casein-Based Bioactive Compounds o Whey Proteins as Physiologically Functional Food Components o Other Milk-Based Bioactive Compounds o Conclusions and Future ProspectsFunctional Seafood Lipids and Proteins, F. ShahidiIntroduction o Marine Lipids and Their Beneficial Health Effects o Processing of Marine Oils o Oxidation of Marine Oils o Seafood Proteins o Novel Functional Protein Preparations from Underutilized Aquatic Species o ConclusionsRegulatory Aspects of Functional Products, A. M. StephenIntroduction o What Terms Should Be Used? o What Are the Regulations Which Affect Functional Food and Nutraceutical Industries? o Foods versus Drugs o Medical Foods/Foods for Special Dietary Use o The Present Situation o Evaluation of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals: What Level of Proof for Claims? o Costs of Making Health Claims o Burden of Proof o Are Health Claims Needed? o Conclusions