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Table of Contents AcknowledgmentsPrefacePrologue, Mervyn HardingeBackgroundVegetarian Diets: Descriptions and Trends, Joan Sabat?, Rosemary Ratzin-Turner, and Jack E. BrownThe Public Health Risk to Benefit Ratio of Vegetarian Diets -- Changing Paradigms, Joan Sabat?Vegetarian Diets and Chronic Disease PreventionVegetarianism, Coronary Risk Factors and CHD, Tim J. Key and Paul N. ApplebyVegetarian Diets and Cancer Risk, Paul MillsVegetarian Diets and Obesity Prevention, Joan Sabat? and Glen BlixVegetarian Diets in the Prevention of Osteoporosis, Diabetes, andNeurological Diseases, Sujatha Rajaram, and Michelle WienDoes Low Meat Consumption Contribute to Greater Longevity? Pramil SinghAdequacy of Vegetarian Diets Through the Lifecycle and in Special GroupsPhysical Growth and Development of Vegetarian Children and Adolescents, Marcel Hebbelinck and Peter ClarysVegetarian Diets in Pregnancy and Lactation, Patricia K. JohnstonWomen's Reproductive Function, Susan BarrNutritional Considerations for an Aging Population, Richard Hubbard and Elaine FlemingImplications of the Vegetarian Diet for Athletes, David NiemanRecommendations for Healthy Vegetarian DietsNutrients of Concern in Vegetarian Diets, Winston J. Craig and Laura PinyanHealth-Promoting Phytochemicals: Beyond the Traditional Nutrients, Winston J. CraigVegetarian Diets and Dietary Guidelines for Chronic Disease Prevention, Ella HaddadDeveloping a Vegetarian Food Guide, Crystal WhittenGlobal Issues and Non-nutritional Perspectives of Vegetarian DietsEnvironmental Impacts of Meat Production and Vegetarianism, Lucas ReijndersMeatless Diets, a Moral Imperative? Mark Carr and Gerald WinslowThe Historical Context of Vegetarianism, James C. WhortonReligion, Spirituality and a Vegetarian Dietary, Glen Blix