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Table of Contents Physics of Color, H.A. DiehlBIOCHEMISTRY OF COLOR: PIGMENTSChlorophylls: Properties, Biosynthesis, Degradation and Functions, U.M. Lanfer Marquez and P. SinneckerCarotenoids as Natural Colorants, S. ?tles and ?. ?agindiStability and Analysis of Phenolic Pigments, P. Brat, F. Tourniaire, and M. Jos?phe AmiotN-Heterocyclic Pigments: Betalains, F.C. Stintzing and R. CarleOther Natural Pigments, A.M. PinteaPIGMENT STABILITY, BIOAVAILABILITY, AND IMPACTS ON HUMAN HEALTHPlant Pigments as Bioactive Substances, M. Jos?phe Amiot, C. Babot-Laurent, and F. TourniaireBioavailability of Natural Pigments, A. DuringAntioxidant and Prooxidant Actions and Stabilities of Carotenoids In Vitro and In Vivo and Carotenoid Oxidation Products, C. Caris-VeyratFOOD PIGMENTS: MAJOR SOURCES AND STABILITY DURING STORAGE AND PROCESSINGChlorophylls in Foods: Sources and Stability, U.M. Lanfer Marquez and P. SinneckerCarotenoids in Foods: Sources and Stability during Processing and Storage, A.Z. MercadanteAnthocyanins in Foods: Occurrence and Physicochemical Properties, A.Z. Mercadante and F.O. BobbioBetalains in Food: Occurrence, Stability, and Postharvest Modifications, F.C. Stintzing and R. CarleFOOD COLORANT PRODUCTIONUpdated Technologies for Extracting and Formulating Food Colorants, C. SocaciuFood Colorants Derived from Natural Sources by Processing, A.M. PinteaBiotechnology of Food Colorant Production, P.D. Matthews and E.T. WurtzelPigments from Microalgae and Microorganisms: Sources of Food Colorants, L. Dufoss?ANALYSIS OF PIGMENTS AND COLORANTSAnalysis of Chlorophylls, U.M. Lanfer Marquez and P. SinneckerAnalysis of Carotenoids, A.Z. MercadanteAnalysis of Anthocyanins, M.M. Giusti and P. JingAnalysis of Betalains, F.C. Stintzing and R. CarleAnalysis of Other Natural Food Colorants, C. SocaciuAnalysis of Synthetic Food Colorants, C. SocaciuQUALITY AND SAFETY OF FOOD COLORANTSColorants and Food Quality Management, P. Luning, M. Van der Spiegel, and W.J. MarcelisNatural Pigments as Food Colorants, C. SocaciuSynthetic Colorants, A.M. PinteaIndex