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Index page for: Improving traceability in food processing and distribution

Table of Contents TRACEABILITY, SAFETY AND QUALITYDeveloping Traceability Systems across the Food Supply Chain: An OverviewUsing Traceability Systems to Optimize Business PerformanceOptimizing Supply Chains using Traceability SystemsBUILDING TRACEABILITY SYSTEMSModeling Food Supply Chains for Tracking and TraceabilityDealing with Bottlenecks in Traceability SystemsIncluding Process Information in TraceabilityTraceability of Analytical MeasurementsTRACEABILITY TECHNOLOGIESDNA Markers for Animal and Plant TraceabilityElectronic Identification and Traceability of Farm AnimalsStoring and Transmitting Traceability Data across the Food Supply ChainThe Range of Data Carrier Technologies for Food Traceability