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Handbook of Baking Science and Engineering


ISBN10: 849315042
ISBN13: 9780849315046

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $199.95
Pages: 720
Publish date: Mai 2008

Provides parameters for design and construction of baking ovens Discusses how processing affects product quality Includes key engineering aspects including transport properties, modeling, control, and design Handbook of Baking Science and Engineering is the first comprehensive reference to focus on the engineering aspects of the baking process. This handbook covers comparisons of the three major starch products: bread, cookies and crackers, and cake. Topics include parameters for the design and construction of baking ovens, how processing conditions influence the quality of products, the parallel between the drying and baking operation, the specificity of the baking operation, and the volume expansion challenge. The book also addresses other physicochemical phenomena that occur during baking, and includes substantial chapters on the measurement of transport properties during baking.