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Table of Contents Introduction Quality Training ? Quality Definitions ? Differing Company Goals ? Buzz Words ? Growth and Availability of Training ? People Problems ? Suggested SolutionsImplementing Quality ? Management Policies ? People ? Employee Suggestions and Rewards ? Introducing New Quality Control Techniques ? Dealing with management ? Continuous Quality Improvement Quality and Process Solutions-Engineering Method ? Engineering, Intuition, Experience-Examples Quality and Process Solutions-Non-Statistical Methods ? Circles, Teams, Committees-Selection and Training ? Behavior, Brainstorming, PDCA ? Charts: Flow, Cause/Effect, Pareto, Scatter ? Examples of Team Successes, Failures ? A Team with a Long History Computerized Quality Solutions and Risks-Statistical Methods ? Programs for Control (Product, Process) ? Programs for Calculating and Graphing ? Specialized quality Programs ? The Seven Basic Tools ? Risks ? Benefits Making the Right Choice ? Quality Control Models ? Installation Phases