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Index page for: Lipid Synthesis and Manufacture

Table of Contents Polyene Acids, J.M. Vatele Isotopically Labelled Fatty Acids, R.O. AdlofLong-Chain Compounds with Conjugated Unsaturation, F. Camps and A. GuerreroTriacylglycerols, P. SonnetPhospholipids, R. BittmanSphingolipids, R.R. SchmidtEnzymic Processes, G.P. McNeillEicosanoids, N.H. WilsonSugar Esters and Ethers, B. SwansonFatty Acid Derivatives for Further Analysis, F.D. GunstoneEmulsifiers, G.L. HasenhuettlLipid Biosynthesis, J.L. HarwoodThe Production of Natural Antioxidants, H-R. HunzikerNovel Chemistry of Delta-5 Acids, T.A. IsbellReferencesIndex