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Index page for: Food Proteins and Their Applications

Table of Contents Physicochemical bases of protein functionality, food proteins - an overview, thermal denaturation and coagulation of proteins, protein-stabilized foams and emulsions, protein gelation, protein-lipid and protein-flavour interactions, protein-polysaccharide interactions, structure-function relationships of food proteins, structure-function relationships of caseins, structure-function relationships of whey proteins, structure-function relationships of soy proteins, structure-function relationships of wheat proteins, structure and functionality of egg proteins, structure-function relationships of muscle proteins, processing technology to improve functionality of proteins in food systems, enzyme and chemical modification of proteins, genetic engineering of food proteins, functionality of protein hydrolysates, high-pressure effects on proteins, protein and protein-polysaccharide microparticles, edible protein films and coatings, effects of processing and storage on the nutritional value of food proteins, extraction of milk proteins, chemical and physical methods for the characterization of proteins, applications of immunochemistry for protein structure control.