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Table of Contents INTRODUCTION, C. Kennedy, University of LeedsMAINTAINING SAFETY IN THE COLD CHAIN, L. Bogh-Sorensen, Danish Veterinary and Food AdministrationIntroductionResponse of micro-organisms to freezingThe major risks in the supply chain for frozen foodsTechniques for microbiological analysisSamplingEffects of temperature abuseThawing techniquesNew development in researchSummary: Effective monitoring and product qualityFRUIT AND VEGETABLES: THE QUALITY OF RAW MATERIAL IN RELATION TO FREEZING, A. Maestrelli, IVTPA, Milan, ItalyIntroductionFactors effecting F & V cultivar selection suitable for freezingTechnological factorsSensory factorsAgronomic and technological aspects of potatoes for freezingNutritional factorsHow to measure subjective and objective F & V quality characteristicsFuture perspective of F & V cultivar selection for frozen productsSummaryTHE PRE-TREATMENT OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, D. Torreggiani (IVTPA, Milan), T. Lucas (CEMAGREF), A-L Raoult-Wack (CIRAD)IntroductionBlanchingPartial dehydration and formulation techniquesFuture trendsSummaryTHE PRE-TREATMENT OF MEAT AND POULTRY, C. James, FRPERC, BristolIntroductionInfluence of the live animalPre- and post-slaughter handlingNew trendsSummaryReferencesTHE SELECTION AND PRE-TREATMENT OF FISH, N. Hedges, Unilever Research ColworthIntroduction to freezing of fishWhat are the elements of the frozen fish product supply chain?Freezing of fishChanges occurring on frozen storagePre-freezing factors which influence the quality of frozen fish productsThe effect of freezing rate The effect of temperature cyclingSummaryFurther readingFACTORS AFFECTING THE STABILITY OF FROZEN FOODS, N.E. Zaritzky, CIDCA, La PLataPhysical changes during freezing and frozen storageThe chemistry of frozen foodsThe impact of freezing on food qualityNew trends in researchSummary: Maximizing quality in the freezing processFREEZING PROCESSED FOODS, C. Kennedy, University of Leeds, EnglandIntroductionReady mealsBakery productsIce creamBibliographyFREEZER TECHNOLOGY, J.P. Miller (Air Products pic) and C. Butcher (Copywrite)IntroductionRefrigeration systemsFreezersChoosing a freezerSELECTING PACKAGING FOR FROZEN FOODS, M. George, Camden and Chorleywood Food Research Association, Chipping CampdenIntroductionEssential requirements for frozen food productsLegislative responsibilitiesTypes of packaging materialAssessing the suitability of packaging material for different productsPackaging machineryFuture developments in frozen food packagingSummary: How packaging can maximize product qualityReferencesSTORING FROZEN FOOD: COLD STORE EQUIPMENT AND MAINTENANCE, R. Fuller, ConsultantStorage, shelf life and product qualityCold store designDetail design featuresMonitoring and recording product conditionsGood operating practiceNew developmentsSummaryRETAIL DISPLAY EQUIPMENT, F. Polonara, University Degli Studi di AnconaIntroductionDesign of display cabinetsVariations for different product typesInstallationOperation, monitoring, maintenance, breakdownNew developmentsLegislative issuesSummaryFUTURE TRENDS IN FROZEN FOODS, C. Kennedy, University of LeedsIntroductionConsumers will want more frozen foods - marketsFrozen food will be more nutritiousIce crystals will be smaller - controlling ice nucleation And they will stay smaller - controlling ice crystal growthThe frozen food chain will be controlled more effectivelyWe will have wider choice and better display when we go shoppingIf we go shopping at allSummaryBibliography