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Index page for: The Packaging Development Process: A Guide for Engineers and Project Managers

Table of Contents FOREWORDPrefaceIntroduction Packaging Development Process Flow ChartPhase I: PlanningProject InitiationProject Teams Business Planning & Goals Project Charter Team Meetings Packaging Project Examples2. Identify Package ConceptsProject Categories Where Ideas Come From Brainstorming & Creative Thinking Activities Packaging Project Examples3. Feasibility AssessmentFive Steps of Feasibility Assessment Gathering Information Project Reviews Packaging Project Examples4. Consumer Testing For PackagingConsumer Concept Testing Develop Package Prototypes Consumer Usage Testing Consumer Packaging Test Methods Packaging Project Examples5. Final Concept EvaluationConcept Evaluation Financial Requirement Go or Stop Decision Packaging Project ExamplesPhase II: Proving Functionality6. Proving FunctionalityDeveloping a Test Plan Packaging Material Testing Finished Package Testing Package Environments Crisis Management Plant Trials Final Approval Packaging Project ExamplesPhase III: Package Launch7. Package LaunchProduction Start-up Monitoring Performance Packaging Project ExamplesBibliography/Index