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Table of Contents Introduction to the Chemistry, Isolation, and Biosynthesis of Methylxanthines, S.M. Tarka, Jr. and W.J. HurstAnalytical Methods for the Quantitation of Methylxanthines, W.J. Hurst, R.A. Martin, Jr., and S.M. Tarka, Jr.Tea: The Plant and Its Manufacture, Chemistry and Consumption of the Beverage, D.A. Balentine, M.E. Harbowy, and H.N. GrahamTea in China, D.L. HoffmanThe Coffee Plant and Its Processing, M.A. SpillerThe Chemical Components of Coffee, M.A. SpillerMethylxanthine Composition and Consumption Patterns of Cocoa and Chocolate Products, J.L. Apgar and S.M. Tarka, Jr.Mat?, H.N. GrahamCaffeine Consumption, L. LundsbergBasic Metabolism and Physiological Effects of the Methylxanthines, G.A. SpillerCaffeine as an Ergogenic Aid, R.J. LamarineCaffeine: Effects on Psychological Functioning and Performance, B.D. Smith and K. TolaCoffee, Caffeine, and Serum Cholesterol, C. Gardner, B. Bruce, and G.A. SpillerCoffee, Tea, Methylxanthines, Human Cancer and Fibrocystic Breast Disease, G.A. Spiller, and B. BruceCaffeine, Calcium, and Bone Health, B. Bruce and G.A. SpillerCaffeine and Reproduction, M. WinickCaffeine Content of Some Cola Beverages, G.A. SpillerIndex