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Index page for: Handbook of Food and Bioprocess Modeling Techniques

Table of Contents Mathematical Modeling Techniques in Food and Bioprocesses: An Overview, A.K. Datta and S.S. SablaniPart I: Physics-Based ModelsLattice Boltzmann Simulation of Microstructures, R.G.M. van der SmanFluid Flow and Its Modeling Using Computational Fluid Dynamics, A. Kumar and I. DilberHeat Transfer, A.K. DattaMass Transfer: Membrane Processes, D. Hughes, T. Taha, and Z. CuiSimultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer, X.D. ChenReaction Kinetics, M.C. Giannakourou and P.S. TaoukisProbabilistic Modeling, B.M. Nicola?, N. Scheerlinck, and M.L.A.T.M. HertogPart II: Observation-Based ModelsExperimental Design and Response-Surface Methodology, S. Nakai, E.C.Y. Li-Chan, and J. DouMultivariate Analysis, I.S. ArvanitoyannisData Mining, G. HolmesArtificial Neural Network Modeling, S.S. SablaniGenetic Algorithms, T. MorimotoFractal Analysis, M.S. RahmanFuzzy Modeling, H.M.S. Lababidi and C.G.J. BakerPart III: Some Generic Modeling TechniquesMonte Carlo Simulation, K. Cronin and J.P. GleesonDimensional Analysis, L.C. Lim, S.S. Sablani, and A.S. MujumdarLinear Programming, E. Feinerman and S. SaguyIndex