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Asia-Euro Teller-Desserts

Author: Lionel Raiffort / François Tatté

ISBN13: 9783952204863

Publisher: Matthaes Verlag GmbH

Price: €71.00
Pages: 216
Publish date: Januar 1970

Both French pastry chefs, Lionel Raiffort und Francois Tatté, have many years of valuable experience in Asian hotel kitchens. They will give away 150 of their best kept recipes, as well as countless presentation ideas, in their 240 page edition. They will give you ideas as to what you can do with local exotic fruits. But also various old kept recipes are presented in new and artistic ways. All desserts described has been judged and costed in various proportions for between 10 and 200 guests. An absolute must for professionals and home entertainers, who like to surprise and amaze their guests. ( zur deutschen Beschreibung )