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Indirect Food Additives and Polymers: Migration and Toxicology


ISBN10: 1566704995
ISBN13: 9781566704991

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 1320
Publish date: März 2000

Covers all of the available toxicology data and regulatory information for nearly 2,000 potential food contaminants Helps evaluate toxic properties of both existing and future packaging materials Includes both American, European, and Russian toxicological data Presents information for a number of widespread food and water contaminants, heavy metals, and solvents - not limited to toxicology Now, more than ever, foods come packaged in containers designed for direct cooking or heating, which often causes the movement of substances - indirect additives - into foods. Because of their unique characteristics, plastics or polymeric materials (PM) have become the most important packaging material for food products. The safety assessment of plastics intended for use in contact with foodstuffs or drinking water continues to present a serious challenge. Indirect Food Additives and Polymers: Migration and Toxicology studies the potential hazards of indirect additives for human health and develops recommendations for their safe manufacture and use. It contains an impressive review of basic regulatory, toxicological, and other scientific information necessary to identify, characterize, measure, and predict the hazards of nearly 2,000 plastic-like materials employed in packaging. The author presents the data underlying federal regulations - previously unavailable a single volume. The entry for each chemical provides: Prime Name Molecular or Structural Formula Molecular Mass Synonyms CAS Number RTECS number Properties Application and Exposure Migration Data Acute Toxicity Repeated Exposure Short-Term Toxicity Long-Term Toxicity Immunotoxicity of Allergenic Effect Reproductive Toxicity Mutagenicity Carcinogenicity Chemobiokinetics Standards Guidelines Regulations Recommendations References International in scope, the Handbook of Indirect Polymeric Additives in Food and Water: Migration and Toxicology offers comprehensive data on the toxic effects of polymeric materials and their ingredients. You will find the most information on plastics and polymeric materials- their migration and toxicology - in this resource.