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Table of Contents History and Scope of Functional Foods Around the WorldScope of Conventional and Functional Foods in the U.S.A., J.N. LossoFunctional Foods, Nutraceuticals and Natural Health Products in Canada, K. Fitzpatrick and F.ShahidiHistory and Scope of Functional Foods in Japan, M. Shimizu and A. KawakamiFunctional Foods in India: History and Scope, T.P. Devasagayam, J.C. Tilak, and R. SinghalHistory and Scope of Functional Foods in China, A. Woo, Y. Zhao, R. Zhang, C. Zhou, and C. ChengHistory and Current Status of Functional Foods in Korea, H. Joo Lee and Y.J. SurhAustralia and New Zealand, H. Singh, L. Tapsell, M. Gidley, P. Gopal, and P.J. MoughanProphylactic Phenolic Antioxidants in Functional Foods of Tropical Island States of the Mascarene Archipelago (Indian Ocean), T. Bahorun, V.S. Neergheen, M.A. Soobrattee, V.A. Luximon-Ramma, and O.I. AruomaFunctional Foods in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Countries: History, Scope and Dietary Habits, F. Yildiz, P. Kotzekidou, A. Michaelidou, and G. NocellaFunctional Foods in the European Union, A. Palou, P. Oliver, A. Ma Rodr?guez, and A. CaimariFunctional Foods in the European Union: Main Issues and Impact on the Food Industry, M. Canavari, A. Castellini, G. Nocella, and C. PirazzoliFunctional Foods Legislation in Brazil, F.M. Lajolo and E. MiyazakiThe Ohmics Technologies and Functional FoodsPrinciples of Proteomics, L. Jin, L. Rodicio, and P.A. LimbachToxicogenomics and Systems Toxicology, M.D. Waters and J.M. FostelAngiogenesis and Chronic Degenerative DiseasesEndothelial Cell Responses to Physiological and Pathophysiological Environments, R. W. Siggins and C. A. HornickAngiogenic Switch: Roles of Estrogenic Compounds, S.K. Banerjee, G. Ray, P. Van Veldhuizen, and S. BanerjeeReactive Oxygen Species and Angiogenesis, S. ChatterjeeAngiogenesis in Inflammatory Arthritis, S. Mandal, S. Kana kundu-Raychaudhuri, and S. P. RaychaudhuriAngiogenesis and Cardiovascular Diseases, R.J. TomanekAngiogenesis and Anti-Angiogenesis in Brain Tumors, R.H. GoldbrunnerDiabetes and Angiogenesis, G. Trimurtulu, S.Venkateswarlu, and G.V. SubbarajuObesity and Angiogenesis, D. Bagchi, S. Zafra-Stone, C.K. Sen, and M. BagchiAngiogenesis, Functional, and Medicinal FoodsScreening Functional Foods as Inhibitors of Angiogenesis Biomarkers, J.N. LossoRole of Edible Berry Anthocyanins in Angiogenesis, M. Bagchi, S. Zafra-Stone, J.N. Losso, C.K. Sen, S. Roy, S. Hazra, and D. BagchiRedox Regulation of Angiogenesis: Anti-Angiogenic Properties of Edible Berries and Its Significance in a Clinical Setting, G.M. Gordillo, D. Bagchi, and C.K. SenA Novel Nutrient Mixture Containing Ascorbic Acid, Lysine, Proline, and Green Tea Extract Inhibits Critical Parameters in Angiogenesis, M. Waheed Roomi, V. Ivanov, T. Kalinovsky, A. Niedzwiecki, and M. RathAngiogenesis and Chinese Medicinal Foods, A.Woo, Y. Zhao, R. Zhang, C. Zhou, and C. ChengDisposition and Metabolism of Dietary Flavonoids, M.J. Kang and D.H. KimFunctional Foods: Probiotics, M. SaarelaPotential Anti-Cancer Effects of Shark Cartilage, K.Sato, M.Suganuma, and K. ShichinohePhysiological Effects of Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) - A Review, N. Bhaskar and K. MiyashitaMarine Polysaccharides and Angiogenesis: Modulation of Angiogenesis by Fucoidans, S. Soeda, S. Koyanagi, and H. ShimenoDevelopment and Delivery of Anti-Angiogenic Functional Food Products: Opportunities and Challenges, J.N. LossoIndex