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Table of Contents The Aging Society and Nutrition Epidemiology, S. Pulisetty and J.E. MorleyMolecular Theories of Aging and Nutritional Interventions, H.J. ArmbrechtThe Role of Nutrition in the Prevention of Age-Associated Diseases, J.E. MorleyObesity in Older Adults, G.A. WittertSarcopenia and Cachexia, J.E. Morley and M.T. HarenImmunity and Nutrition, C. TrinhNutritional Requirements in Older Adults, D.R. ThomasEnergy Balance, J.E. MorleyWater Metabolism, D.R. Thomas and J.E. MorleyVitamin Disorders, R.R. Hajjar and Z. NahhasTrace Elements, J.E. MorleyNutritional Assessment in Older Persons, D.R. ThomasGeriatric Assessment and Its Interaction with Nutrition, J. GammackNutritional Assessment in the European Community, J.M. Bauer and D. VolkertThe Oral Cavity and Nutrition, N. Garcia and D.D. MileyManagement of Protein-Energy Undernutrition in Older Adults, D.R. ThomasPrescription for Enteral Nutrition, Z. Syed and S.H. TariqPrescription for Parenteral Nutrition, D.R. ThomasNutrition Management in Nursing Homes, D. MunikrishnappaProviding Optimal Nutrition in the Assisted Living Environment, C.W. Bales, G.T. Buhr, V.H. Hawk, L.S. Evanko, and H.K. WhiteNutritional Factors in Dementia, S. JoshiNutrition and Depression, M. Gebretsadik and G.T. GrossbergNutrition and Behavior, J.E. MorleyNutritional Management of Hypertension, R,R. HajjarNutrition and Cancer: Some Practical Approaches to Management, H. McKean and A. JatoiNutrition and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Geriatric Patient, A. MazzaCOPD and Undernutrition: A Complex Interaction, O.A. CepedaNutrition and Gastrointestinal Function, M.L. Omran and W. AneedDrug-Nutrient Interactions, D.R. ThomasNutrition and the Endocrine System, N. Senkottaiyan and J.E. MorleyNutritional Anemia in Older Persons, D.R. ThomasThe Role of Nutrition in Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers, D.R. ThomasNutrition and Fracture Risk, J.E. Morley and K.R. WehmeierMulticultural Issues, N. TumosaChoice and Nutritionals: Ethical Issues, R. KevorkianIndex