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Index page for: Kinetic Models of Trace Element and Mineral Metabolism During Development

Table of Contents Pregnancy and Lactation: Use of Mineral Stable Isotopes in the Study of Nutrient Homeostasis During Human Pregnancy and Lactation. Kinetic Overview: Modeling Calcium Metabolism in Pregnant and Lactating Cows. Calcium Metabolism in Pregnancy and Lactation: An Individual Study. Copper Metabolism in Dairy Cows: Development of a Model Based on a Stable Isotope Tracer. Neonates and Children: Zinc Kinetics in Humans. Stable Isotope Studies of Zinc Kinetic Metabolism in Infants. Determination of Mineral Absorption by Very Low Birthweight Preterm Infants with the Stable Isotope Extrinsic Tag Approach. Adolescents and Adults: Determination of Requirements. Contributions of Mathematical Models to Understanding of Human Iodide Metabolism. Zinc that Exchanges with Zinc in Plasma Within Two Days: Variation with Dietary Zinc. Calcium Metabolism in Adolescents. Stable Isotopes of Copper, Molybdenum, and Zinc Used Simultaneously for Kinetic Studies of Their Metabolism. Reference Values for Trace Elements in Human Clinical Specimens: With Special Reference to Biomonitoring and Specimen Suitability. Disorders: Studies of Calcium Metabolism in Children with Chronic Illnesses. Historical Overview of Copper Kinetics. Compartmental Analysis of Intestinal Iron Absorption and Mucosal Iron Kinetics. Chromium (III) Metabolism in Diabetic Patients. A Calcium-Based Model of Human Lead Kinetics. Environmental Health: Some Constitutive Modifiers of the Kinetic and Dynamic Behavior of Non-Essential Metals. An Overview of Selenium Kinetics in Humans. The Kinetics of Intravenously Administered Inorganic Mercury in Humans. Calcium Metabolic Dynamics: Overview of Calcium Metabolic Dynamics. Interpretation of Stable Isotope Studies of Calcium Absorption and Kinetics. Calcium Homeostasis-An Old Problem Revisited. Generalized Stochastic Compartmental Models of Calcium Metabolism. Frequency Response of the Calcium Control System. Regulation in Oscillatory Models. Optimal Sampling for the Determination of Calcium Metabolism. Determination of Bone Resorption. Modeling Theory and Software: Kinetic Models to Describe Populations: A Strategy for Summarizing the Results of Multiple Studies. SAAMEASE: The Language of SAAM and CONSAM. OTIs6024, 7841