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Seafood: Resources, Nutritional Composition, and Preservation


ISBN10: 849359856
ISBN13: 9780849359859

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $375.00
Pages: 256
Publish date: April 1990

Nutritional value Storage conditions Preservation and processing Marinating Smoking Canning Drying Chilling Salting This must-have resource focuses on marine food composition as it relates to nutrition. Filled with illustrations and graphs, it describes the biological and technical factors which effect the availability and quality of seafood resources and provides information on the biochemical changes, functional properties, contents, and biological value of the main components of the major marine food organisms. It presents the yield of edible parts for the different species and the applied procedures of processing and culinary preparation. This volume is intended for the general reader who is interested in food production, marketing, and nutrition, and is also an ideal text for students of food science as well as professionals in the food trade and fish industry.