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Table of Contents Each chapter ends with a section of references. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance TechniquesBasic Principles of NMR: - Vector Diagrams of Magnetization - Relaxation Processes - Measurement of Relaxation Times - NMR Spectrometer Hardware - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): - Conventional Microscopy versus Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Basic Principle of MRI - Imaging Relaxation Time, Chemical Shift, and Flow Velocity - MRI Hardware - Incorporation of Experimental Devices into MRI Instrument Aspects of Water in Food and Biological SystemsIntroduction - Chemical Composition and Structure of Water - Bonding in Water - Mobility of Water in Biopolymers - Research Interests in Water in Food and Biological Materials: - Water Content versus Water Mobility - Migration of Water - Glass Transition - Chemical and Biochemical Reactions - Physiological States of Biological Materials Rapid Determination of Moisture in Food and Biological MaterialsIntroduction - Basic Principles - Techniques: - Liquid-Solid Ratio Method - Proportional Method - Model Fitting Method - Spin-Echo Method - High Resolution Method - Composite Pulse Sequence Method Migration of Water Introduction - Moisture Distribution in Low and Intermediate Moisture Foods and Biological Materials - Mapping of Moisture and Fat Separately in Foods: - Chemical Shift Selective (CHESS) Presaturation - Frequency-Selective: - Excitation - Dixons Method - Relaxation Based Suppression Techniques - Hybrid Techniques - Real-Time Monitoring of Food Processes: - Diffusion of Water in Model Systems - Barley Steeping - Soaking of Navybeans - Drying of Soybeans - Cheese Cooling - Freeze-Thaw Cycles during Freezing Storage - Use of Pulsed Field Gradient (PFG) NMR to Study Diffusional Characteristics - MRI Experiment and Computer Simulation for Modeling of Simultaneous Heat and Moisture Transfer in Cheese: - Mathematical Model for Heat and Moisture Transfer - Numerical Scheme - Results Mobility of Water in Food and Biological SystemsWater Activity and Mobility of Water: - Water Activity - Mobility of Water Measured by NMR - Physiochemical Principles of Nuclear Reaction - Methodology for Determination of States of Water: - Mono-Exponential Decay - Multi-Exponential Decay and Continuous Distribution of Relaxation Time - Self-Diffusion Coefficient Approach - States of Water and Staling of Starch-Based Products: - Sweet Rolls and Starch Gel: Experiments, Results and Discussion - Bread: Experiments, Results and Discussion - Wild Rice: Experiments, Results and Discussion - Flour Dough: Water in Dough, Curve-Fitting Model, Continuous Distribution Model, Dough Mixing - Chemical and Microbiological Activities Water and Physiology of Plant MaterialsIntroduction - Development Stage - Quality of Fruits and Vegetables - Stress Tolerance and NMR Property of Water in Plant NMR and MRI Studies of Glass Transition in Foods and Biological MaterialsIntroduction - Molecular and Segmental (Brownian) Motions in Polymers - NMR Relaxation and Brownian Motions - Experimental Setup for Study of Glass Transition in Biopolymers Using Pulsed NMR - Advantages of NMR Method over Conventional Methods - MRI Mapping of Glass Transition Temperature Index